Spice opens up about argument with Erica Mena


In an Instagram Live, dancehall artiste and Love &Hip Hop Atlanta star, Spice opened up about her very heated and racially charged argument with fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Erica Mena. 

If you recall, we reported that during an episode of the MTV programme, Mena called Spice a “blue monkey” after Spice claimed that her son doesn’t like her. Mena was later fired for her remarks.

During the IG Live, ‘Jim Screechie’ singer gave further context to her conversation with Mena, following the backlash she received.

Many social media users were quick to call out Spice for bringing up Mena’s child, to which Spice retaliated by stating that she did not disrespect Mena’s child.

Also during the IG Live, she called out several prominent social media personalities who voiced their opinion on the situation. One of which was Tamar Braxton. Braxton had mentioned on her radio programme ‘Dish Nation’ that children are “off limits”. Braxton joined Spice’s IG Live to clarify her comments, saying that she was unaware of what took place as she did not watch the show and only saw the viral clip. 

During the lengthy Insta Live session, Spice brought up the issue of colorism, and made note of the persons defending Erica Mena. She asked the question if racism was okay because she so happened to trigger Mena. 

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