Social media users have been sharing mixed views on the newly upgrade Devon House courtyard in Kingston.

The pics have been shared on social media, and many persons are not happy with the upgrade as some of the trees from the space have been removed to facilitate a wider, more spacious courtyard.

Back in March, tourism Minister Ed Bartlett announced the government’s plans to upgrade the space, to the tune of some $100m.

Well….are you feeling it?

One social media wrote: “The beautiful greenery has been replaced by lifeless hardness. This is a mistake. Kingston done hot already and all we keen on doing is removing green spaces.”

-Another: “So basically took away what was unique bout di place. This is not inviting..

Another-” Jamaica pave everything except the roads,”

Another- “Jamaica pave everything except the roads”

However, JLP councillor Andrew Bellamy said via twitter that he is impressed with the upgrade, adding that the upgrade will preserve the “royalty of the space”