Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ has become an iconic song since its release over 20 years ago.

During a recent interview with VLAD TV, Shaggy finally revealed the origins of the famous track.

It Wasn’t Me’ was inspired by a joke that Eddie Murphy made in his 1987 comedy special ‘Raw’.

In the film, Murphy made the joke about how a woman accused her boyfriend of coming out of another woman’s house and he kept saying that ‘it wasn’t me’, until she began to doubt herself and believed him.

I watched RAW. I’m a big fan of Eddie Murphy, he did that joke about ‘it wasn’t me’… the thing about ‘It Wasn’t Me’ is that the subject matter is so relatable; it’s either you’re banging, you know somebody is banging or you wish you were banging, some banging going on”.

Shaggy continued to say that he met in the Bahamas and finally got the chance to tell him that his RAW routine had inspired his hit track.

He was at his brother’s show, and I saw him, we were in the VIP together. I came over and told him the story, and he was like ‘Ah! You owe me royalties.” Shaggy said.

It Wasn’t Me’ became Shaggy’s best-selling song and first number 1 hit in the US. It also ruled the charts in Australia, France, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom.