Change and growth levitra shop buy are very important for the evolution of us humans. When it comes to some of our favourite artistes, many fans aren’t as receptive to changes such as re-branding and new stage names.

One fan whose identity was withheld, recently expressed how disappointed he was with Jeffery Campbell more popularly known as Assassin re-branded buy levitra in india and changed his stage name to Agent Sasco. “Personally think Assassin badder than Agent Sasco…the re-brand just wasn’t it for true Assassin fans…like myself” the person commented.

Well, Sasco caught wind of the post, screenshotted it and posted it to his Instagram with the caption, “NEWSFLASH ‼️ Assassin to Agent Sasco was not merely ‘rebranding.’ It was a ‘Mental Revamp.’ I decided my work should reflect my values and beliefs. So if you expect me to produce material from a 19 yr old “Assassin” perspective…good luck with that. Oh btw…Don’t expect me to release songs promoting murder nor anything to further societal decay either”.

Ziptocrats how do you like Assassin vs Agent Sasco?