Lila Ike and Davido Team Up for Honda Stage and Billboard


Jamaican crooner Lila Ike and Afrobeat sensation Davido have teamed up for an exclusive Billboard and Honda stage single called “Flex My Soul.”.

The track and video were released this morning (March 22) on Billboard’s official site. The video is also featured on Billboard’s official YouTube page.

The electrifying single has an upbeat vibe, which speaks to overcoming adversities and celebrating one’s blessings.

Davido brings the Afrobeat energy while Lila Ike’s dancehall/reggae flow merges to create an infectious tune.

The video showcases Lila Ike in a red gown and Davido clad in a mustard suit, with their two background dancers in full white, dancing against a backdrop of tranquil skies and lush landscapes.