Konshens joins the long list of entertainers who are condemning rapists.

Since the murder of Khanice Jackson, the general public, along with many of our artistes, have spoken publicly about their hatred for rapists and persons who harm women.

In a recent post online, Konshens states that there is nothing worse than a rapist. “After the angry rants and posts and songs and after hopefully the right person head roll fi dis I hope we don’t forget that we have a deeper issue at hand as a NATION,” he said. “Dis anno di fus an it nah go be di last if we nuh start mek some changes as a people.

Konshens went on to say that we need to teach our boys how to love and take care of our women and understand that they are not entitled to anyone’s body.

He also touched on the topic of endorsing songs that talk about choosing rape over homosexuality and that this mentality needs to be addressed.