Rapper Fat Joe is referring to the recent challenge on social media, the money challenge as ‘self snitching’.

The ‘Money Message Challenge’ has been taking over Instagram in the last week after Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy sent some indirect messages to each other.

Veteran rapper Fat Joe is here to deliver his own message to the young rappers, “These people, when they get caught, they ask themselves, ‘Damn man, how did [I get caught]?’ You told on yourself! You haven’t had a legit job in your life, you writing your name with mountains of money, f*** is wrong with you?! Fat Joe also took the time out to shout out hip hop legend Busy Bee who first spelt out his name in cash in the legendary 1983 film Wild Style.

Talk show host Nick Cannon gave his two cents on the challenge as well, he tweeted a picture of himself laying on the floor with “IRS WATCHING” written in toilet paper.

Ziptocrats, are you doing the money challenge?

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