Three records shattered so far at ISSA Boys and Girls athletics champs


Three records have been broken so far as the battle intensifies on day 3 of the ISSA Boys and Girls athletics championship at cialis discount the national stadium.

Kingston College continues to lead defending champions Calabar on the boys side while Rusea’s remain in front on the girls division.

Ralford Mullings got into the record books when he won the class 2 shot-put final with an effort of 19.99m, erasing the old mark of 18.18m set by Warren Barrett back in 2014.

Another record wiped clean today was in the girls glass 4 long jump event when Jounee Armstrong of Immaculate conception was impressive, leaping 5.64m to erase the old mark of 5.52m set by Opal James of Steths back in 2008.