The St. Ann man who was taken into custody, after he made certain comments about Prime Minister Andrew Holness over the change in curfew hours, is taking steps to sue the police and the government.

Attorney-At-Law Charles Ganga-Singh made the disclosure today.

Ganga-Singh said his client, 24 year old Shaquille Oneil Higgins, of Moneague St. Ann and his family members have contacted him to take legal action on their behalf.

Higgins was taken into custody at the Moneague Police Station on Tuesday.

He apologized to the Prime Minister which was recorded and the video went viral on social media.

The police reported that Higgins was wanted for an offence and the video led them to his whereabouts.

Ganga-Singh said Higgins was released by the police yesterday (Tues).

He said Higgins was at the family home when the police took him into custody.

Ganga-Singh said the family members are embarrassed by the police’s invasion of their dwelling and they along with Higgins are severely affected by the outcome.

He said Higgins claimed that he felt threatened and intimidated by the police’s action and the fact that he had to spend time in custody.

The lawyer confirmed that he is now taking steps to file the suit for invasion of privacy and for maliciously taking Higgins into custody.