Sheba claims she never got royalties


Tasheba Campbell more popularly known as Sheba is claiming she never benefited from any royalties from the two mega hits that she had with the world boss.

Sheba and Vybz Kartel have delivered some top-notch hits like, “Like Christmas” and “You and Him Deh”. Couple of days ago, Sheba made the accusations while on an Instagram Live video. She also said that the organizations set up to protect singers like her never intervened.

She said,“Mi a di first person weh can she… off to royalty cause everybody else mi see benefit from it and mi nuh see one …”.

She added: “From mi join BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) and Jack Russell Music from 2012 I never get a dollar from them yet… One a di agent tell mi seh a mussi Addi collect mi royalties dem dats why mi nah get it… mi nuh know how that go cause fi tell yuh di truth mi nuh understand nothing bout it, so mi just leave it alone.”