Security presence in Mountain View in Kingston has been increased following fiery protests in sections of the community today, as residents clashed with members of the security forces carrying out operations to locate a wanted man in the area.

The protests were sparked by the fatal shooting of an unidentified man in the area.

A member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) was also shot and wounded in the line of duty as the security forces pursued the wanted man.

In a release, the JDF said the joint security forces were carrying out a major operation to apprehend Demar Williams also called ‘Demon’, ‘Baby Killa’, and ‘Kye Kye’ when they were fired upon by threat forces which resulted in the service member and the unidentified man being shot and killed.

Williams is one of the eight prisoners who escaped from the Black River Lock-up in June of this year.

The JDF said since his escape, information received is that Williams has been reportedly hiding out within communities, affiliated with the One Order Gang, based in St. Catherine.

It further noted that due to the State of Emergency that has been imposed in St. Catherine, Williams and other One Order Gang members were allegedly provided with safe haven in the Mountain View community.