Over the weekend, Minister Hall, formally known as Lady Saw, called out Reggae Sumfest’s Marketing Strategist Skatta buy levitra discount Burrell, for statements he made last Thursday evening.

Speaking during the launch of Reggae Sumfest 2022, Skatta, who has been vocal about his hope for Hall to make a return to dancehall, said that he has stopped making attempts to get her to perform at the event in July.

Hall took to her Facebook to respond. In a 1 minute 24 seconds video, the ‘If I Was Famous” artiste said, “Skatta! How yuh stay suh?, You been cheap levitra tablets talking to my manager right? I guess naw. Downsound been talking to my manager, about coming on the gospel night. But how dare you call mi out fi Dancehall night?” she ended the video by saying, “Tell Joe to call my manager. All right. Bless you”.

Adding a Gospel Night to a reggae festival is not new, in fact, in 1998, Reggae Sunsplash, the predecessor to Reggae Sumfest, added a Gospel Night which had the biggest turnout during the week of that festival.