Meg where ? Jada Kingdom & Pardi…together?


All it took was a chain, pendant and an arm for social media to speculate that Jada and Pardi are kickin’ it.

The rumour mill started churning last week after Jada best prices on generic levitra posted some birthday photos that featured a mystery man.

One person on X, formally Twitter said, ” Going from Kash Doll, to Meg Thee Stallion, to Jada Kingdom?? Nah Pardi’s record up there with Bow Wow’s”

After popular blog page, The ShadeRoom, caught wind of the speculations, Twinkle hopped in the comment section to say, “Ye ye ye ok…we get it…NEXT.”

Well it seems the two have gone public, as they were seen walking hand in hand during New York Fashion week.

While neither party has come out to publicly say they are an item, social media has already decided they are.