Judge Delivers Strict Warning To R. Kelly To Not Miss Any Of His Court Dates.


A judge delivers strict warning to cialis discount American singer R. Kelly to not miss any of his court dates.

This warning comes after R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to 11 new sex-related felonies at a court proceeding in Chicago Thursday morning. The new charges against Kelly come from the sexual abuse of Jerhonda Pace that allegedly took place in 2010. Jerhonda was one of the women who told her story of alleged abuse in the 6 part docu-series called “Surviving R. Kelly” that aired on Lifetime in January.

According to CBS News, during the hearing, the judge made it clear to Kelly that his next court date is on June 26 and said, “You’re out on bond. It’s incumbent upon you to appear in court on each and every court date.”

Why did the judge have to warn R. Kelly?

Is it because R. Kelly missed his hearing in April which caused him to lose a civil court case?

According to bbc.com, He failed to attend a court in Chicago, leading the judge to pass the ruling against him. A woman, identified only as HW, accused Kelly of repeatedly having sex with her while she was underage. In her civil lawsuit, HW claimed the R&B singer began a sexual relationship with her when she was 16 and that she was not yet at the age of consent.

What will be R. Kelly’s fate on June 26? Ziptocrats, we will update you as the story progresses.