Congratulations to recording artiste Jahmiel who recently got baptized.


Jahmiel made the decision to give his life to the Lord when he got baptized recently at the Tarrant Baptist Church in Kingston.

A video of the entertainer’s baptism made its rounds on social media over the weekend, where the artist was seen dressed in a white robe, being dipped into a pool of water, and emerging born again as a renewed man.

While some of the comments on social media suggested that this was all for a music video, it was discovered that the baptism was supposed to be very private. Jahmiel manager Dr. Dave Wallace of Sweet Music Production, explained in a recent interview that the baptism was Jahmiel’s choice and that there is no hidden agenda and not a promotion of any sort for his career.

He also went on to mention that Jahmiel will continue to sing his lyrically conscious and life changing songs.