Fans of Nicki Minaj protest at CDC HQ


Several of Nicki Minaj’s fans protested in front of the Centers for Disease Control levitra online prescription and Prevention (CDC) headquarters, in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the clip, the group chanted “Nicki Minaj told me the truth. [Dr.] Fauci lied to me” in defense of the “Good Form” rapper’s recent tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this week, Minaj tweeted that she would not be attending the Met Gala because she did not have a nanny for her son and she was not vaccinated, which was required for everyone who attended fashion’s biggest night.

On Wednesday, Minaj revealed that she was invited to the White House to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, a White House official denied those claims and said she was actually offered a phone call with a doctor who could answer her questions about the vaccine instead of an in-person visit.