Double Olympic gold medalist, Elaine cialis order Thompson is once again refuting rumors being circulated about her death.

The double Olympic sprint champion was the latest target on social media Sunday afternoon when reports surfaced that she died in Canada.

The sprinter wrote on Instagram, “Dear all: The “Breaking News” Report is fake news. Please do not share, retweet or pass along that story. I levitra bayer original buy am alive and well and have never even been to Canada. Have a wonderful Sunday?.”

The is the second time Thompson has been forced to deny death rumors. Back in 2017, it was alleged that she was involved in a fatal car crash.

Fake news has become more viagra for her and more frequent these days, especially in this current social media age.

Recently, recording artiste Blak Ryno went through a similar situation, or that’s what he is saying. News broke recently that the ‘Psalm 35’ creator was the victim of Fake News when many social media pages reported that the artiste met in an accident and was in critical condition in hospital overseas. He later released a video a few days later, dismissing the rumors.