Media personality and recording artiste, now about to make her restaurateur debut,
Yanique Barrette more popularly known as Curvy Diva has a passion
for food to say the least.

This Sunday, Valentines Day will see the grand opening of ‘Dinning with Curvy- The Restaurant’.

What started out as a pop-up kitchen and delivery service,
quickly manifested into a full-service Restaurant due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews that she has been receiving about the quality and not to mention the taste of her food.
So the Zee caught up with Yanique and we asked her when did she realize that food and cooking is a passion of hers…

We also asked her if her mom was here today, what would she say and what words
of encouragement would she give…

We also spoke about opening a restaurant, what was the process like, was it easier or harder than she thought…

Before wrapping up, we asked Yanique, when people hear ‘Dining with Curvy the
Restaurant’, what words or thought would she want to fill their mind…