Devon Holness listed as Person Of Interest Following Health Scare at Ocho Rios Primary School


The police have identified a man who they believe can assist their investigations into the selling of drug infused sweets to children at a Primary School in St Ann on Monday.

65 students of the Ocho Rios Primary school had to be rushed to hospital for medical attention, after they bought the sweet from a vendor outside the school gate and fell ill.

Speaking at a Jamaica Constabulary Force press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson asked Devon Holness of Mansfield Heights Ocho Rios, to contact the police.

He said the constabulary is working assiduously to prevent the spread of a new series of artificial drug which has been circulating in neighbouring countries.

Commissioner Anderson stated that while the government has not seen much evidence of these drugs in the country, they must be vigilant