Amari Meets in Car Accident


Yesterday (March 27), Amari, also known as Dj Mona-Lisa’s Instagram page, went live to document the upcoming artiste lying on the pavement, surrounded by medical officials.

Soon after, pictures and videos were uploaded of the “Niko” singer being attended to by medical personnel on the scene.

A video of a white SUV with dents and deployed airbags was shared with the caption, “A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa” was in the passenger side of the vehicle when it got hit. All five family members are injured but she suffered most of the impact. Took a turn for the worst last night, please keep us in your prayers.”.

Following the incident, a video of Amari in what seems to be a hospital with a neck brace was posted with a single by her called “Car Crash.”

Though it is uncertain if there was an actual crash or a ploy for social media, fans still shared their well wishes.