President of the People’s National Party, PNP, Mark Golding, has indicated that while he is saddened by the resignations of the party’s Vice Presidents and Chairman, he has accepted their decisions.

In a joint release yesterday, PNP Vice Presidents, Damion Crawford, Wykeham McNeil and Mikael Phillips, as well as Party Chairman, Phillip Paulwell, resigned their positions with immediate effect.

In the release, the men said they had engaged the wider leadership of the party in good faith negotiation to avoid a further widening of the internal rift, recognizing that the Party Leader had declared publicly, that the Party could not countenance another divisive internal election at this time.

In responding to the resignations, Mr. Golding noted that discussions, with respect to the four Vice Presidential Candidates, were attempted, but unfortunately, these did not lead to a consensus.

Meanwhile, PNP, General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, said the Party is grateful for the contributions of the now resigned Party Vice Presidents and Chairman.

Dr. Campbell noted that the men are still members of the Party, and therefore, the PNP is still looking forward to working with them.

Noting that President of the PNPYO, Krystal Tomlinson, has also resigned from her position yesterday, Dr. Campbell said her resignation is not the end of her journey. He added that he is looking forward to the future contributions she will offer to the PNP.