Kylie Jenner Fights For Child’s Name


So businesswoman and reality TV star Kylie Jenner is suing a company for stealing her daughter’s name. The billionaire somehow feels that the company, “Stormi Couture” is trying to make money off her child’s name Stormi.

BMC which is Business Moves Consulting inc trademarked Stormi Couture one month after the birth of Stormi.

Now she’s asking for BMC’s Stormi trademark to be canceled and stating that the company put it through in order to ‘capitalise’ on her daughter’s name. Kylie’s team stated in a document obtained by TMZ that  ‘The Stormi name is well known, and uniquely and unmistakably is associated with Stormi Webster.’

The reality star explained that Stormi has ‘achieved fame in her own right’ and her StormiWorld birthday parties have been covered by big media houses such as Vogue. Kylie also stated that BMC has a history of filing trademarks in bad faith, as DJ Khaled previously sued BMC in 2018. The company trademark Asahd Couture caused Dj Khaled to fight back saying they are using his son’s name for their benefit.