Shaneil Muir Confirms Fiancé


It’s safe to say that Shaneil Muir confirmed that she was showing off her man!

Yesterday (November 22), Jamaican “Top Gyal”, Shaneil Muir dropped a pic with presumably her “Bae” with the caption “Thank you for loving me, ❤️”.

The simple photo of the dancehall diva and her beau sent social media users into a tailspin, with several mixed reviews in the comment section.

This morning (November 23), the “Exclusive” singer dropped a meme of herself with the caption “Me looking at y’all comments about my handsome chocolate FIANCÉ (laughing emoji)”.

The meme shows Shaneil Muir clad in full white, with a pair of white shades perched on her face, looking pleased.

The artiste then followed up with a photo of her showing her deuces and an announcement that she would be performing in London this weekend.