Squash 6iix Boss Responds To Videos From Masked Men


Dancehall artist Squash 6iix Boss says he is not paying attention to anybody who’s speaking negatively about him.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Squash uploaded a photo of him and his son with the caption,

“See who me pay mind to yah my little ones so all a who a look attention from ova yah so unu nah go get none so wen some a unu opportunist a call call up me name me nah look pah unu. afta unu a nuh me kids or me gal dem”

This is in response to the masked men that apologized after sending death threats to Squash, claiming it was all just a joke.

Over the weekend, a video with 3 masked men sending death threats to the artist went viral on social media. In the video, one of the men accused Squash of stealing his identity.

Hours after, another video was released with an apology to Squash 6iix Boss. In that video, the masked men said the first video was intended to be funny and they didn’t mean anything by it.