Seven Killed across the country between Last Night and Today


At least seven people were shot and killed across the island between last night and this morning.

In the latest incident, some time after 10am, two people were shot and killed on Young Street in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

The names of the deceased have not yet been released. Meantime, police are probing a quadruple murder in Trelawny last night.

Dead are 51 year old Cordell Graham otherwise called ‘bia’, 43 year old Nicole Wright otherwise called ‘shena’ both of Duansvale District Trelawny, 21 year old Ameila Livingston and 27 year old Akeem Robinson otherwise called ‘eddie’ and ‘pedro’, both of Kinloss district, also in Trelawny.

The police have not yet established a definitive motive for the attack but are pursuing several theories.