Security Guard dies following motor vehicle accident


A security guard of Liberty Valley, St. Ann died from injuries she received in a motor vehicle collision along the Runaway Bay main road in the parish yesterday.

She has been identified as Forty-four-year-old Sharlena Hinds.

Reports from the Runaway Bay Police are that about 6:30 p.m., the driver of a black Honda Fit motor car was travelling in a westerly direction towards Discovery Bay when he heard a loud sound.

He reportedly stopped and exited his motor vehicle to make checks, however he fled when he was threatened by an unidentified individual.

He then reportedly drove to the Runaway Bay Police Station, where it was revealed that a woman had been hit in the vicinity where his accident had occurred.
The woman was taken to the hospital by a passer-by, however she was pronounced dead. The driver of the Honda Fit motor car was warned for persecution pending further investigations