PNP calls for Integrity Commission and MOCA to investigate impropriety at CAP


The Opposition is calling buy generic no online prescription viagra for an independent investigation into Clarendon Alumina Production (CAP).
The Opposition says the Integrity Commission and the Major Organised Crime & Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) must launch an investigation into the matter and immediately sequester all files, computers and mobile phones of the chief operators to ensure that the investigation is not thwarted by persons who remain in place.

The Opposition agrees with the dissolution of the board but says that alone is insufficient to address the breach of duty and misuse of public funds by the board and management which was supervised by portfolio Minister Robert Montague.

The Opposition Spokesperson on Energy and Mining, Mr Phillip Paulwell says, “Urgent steps must be taken to terminate the existing management team and replace it with professional management who will protect Jamaica’s best in this vital industry.”
The Opposition Spokesman will table a number of questions in tomorrow’s sitting of the House of Representatives, as the rx cialis Opposition is determined to ensure accountability and transparency.