Recording artiste, Mr Lexx, is speaking out following his controversial tweets that had social media talking.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Mr Lexx seemingly suggested that DJ Khalid repeatedly uses the same artistes for his collaborations. “Every time Khalid come yah a di same artiste dem him a use and di song dem nah hit. Kmt yea I said it.” In another tweet, he said, “Dear DJ Khalid, just letting you know that they’re a lot more artists in Jamaica…”

The Zee reached out to the entertainer yesterday, however, he declined to comment.

The ‘Full Hundred’ deejay later sent us a Zipclusive statement: “People will have varying opinions and that’s OK….. People will have different views/perceptions and that’s OK…. We can respectfully agree to disagree… The word ‘badmind’ is so saturated in our culture that we just loosely label people as being badmind as soon as an opinion is shared…. Not every opinion and or disagreement is coming from a place of badmind…. Arguably, we may at some point come off as being too harsh & blunt…. but it doesn’t mean it’s coming from a place of ‘hate’…. It’s just a mere opinion which can be debatable…. No big deal…..”

Continuing the lengthy statement, he said “Sometimes you’ll even have to speak for the voiceless – those people who share common views but are fearful that society will label them so they prefer to remain quiet…. Yea, they try to play it safe (with the masses) by saying “It’s true but you didn’t have to SAY it”…. Now that’s blatant hypocrisy…. Or rather, self suffocation….”

In ending his statement, he said people are quick to accept and discuss controversy over everything else.