Recording artiste Mr Lexx has been released after he was detained upon arrival in Panama City yesterday.

The artiste shared in a series of tweets that his detention had to do with a 1997 arrest. “So me being arrested in 1997 in US almost 30 years ago even doh the case was dropped against me, this is enough for them to bar me from this region? Naaaaaaah dis cyah right.” He tweeted.

Prior to the detention, he shared on IG that he would be leaving the country.

Lexx kept his fans updated via several posts on Twitter, saying, among other things, that his phone was confiscated so he was using his laptop to tweet.

“I’ve been in an immigration room at Tocumen since yesterday. They detain me and threatening to bar me because I got arrested in the US 1997…. with no chance to explain, no phone call cause for whatever reason they took my phone. They jus have me here,” he tweeted in his first post.

Almost four hours later, Lexx confirmed that he had been released. “Update. They not gonna bar me. Which was all my concern. I wish I had tweeted u guys earlier,” he wrote. “Thanks @Babsy_grange u and ur team have my highest praise. Also thanks to Judith Edwards consulate for Panama. Thanks for moving so swiftly. And thanks to y’all for retweeting