Keyshia Cole viagra women is mourning yet another death.
The singer’s adopted father, Leon Cole Jr., passed away from COVID-19 complications last week. The singer confirmed the news via Instagram yesterday, “Unfortunately my father didn’t make it through his complications, due to covid-19” Keyshia wrote alongside a photo of her dancing with her dad and another with her adopted mother, son Daniel, and late biological mother, Frankie Lons.
“He’s the entire reason my last name is COLE,” she said. “The only father I knew, he did such a great job here on earth!!!!! He made sure (Even tho he wasn’t my biological father) to keep a stable foundation and roof over all of our heads during our upbringing!!!!”
The death of her father comes a few short months after her biological mother, Frankie, died from a drug overdose last summer.
Keyshia Cole canada pharmacy viagra shared that her parents gave her up for adoption at a young age, and the Coles took her in and raised her in Oakland, CA, and got her into music as well.