International Celebrities Join In On The ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’


The bottle cap challenge is a new viral trend where people spin off a bottle cap with a spinning kick. The challenge started a few days ago, and already the #bottlecapchallenge hashtag has amassed over 27,000 thousand posts on Instagram.

According to the New York Times, the challenge started making the rounds amongst Mixed Martial Arts fighters then celebrities joined in.

There were posts from celebrities like American singer John Mayer, English actor Jason Statham, American actor and comedian Marlon Wayans, Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen and Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. Brazilian MMA fighter Fabricio Werdum even took it to the next level by uncapping 3 bottles at once.

What crazy challenge will people come up with next? Ziptocrats, will you be doing the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’? If yes, then kick responsibly.