Future child support woes


As their child support battle continues, Eliza Reign Seraphin is gearing up to take
Future back to court after a judge ruled he pay her $3,200 a month in child support
for their one-year-old daughter Reign, well short of the $53,000 she had asked for.

Eliza’s attorney has filed a motion to have Future held in contempt of court for
allegedly providing fraudulent info about his finances.

Future is being accused of trying to downplay his lavish lifestyle in court to
minimize the amount of child support he’ll have to pay Eliza for their 1-year-old
daughter. According to court docs, Future testified in court that he stays in a two
bedroom, two bathroom home in Atlanta and isn’t sure if he rents or owns the
property as he said he lets his “business manager handle all my business.”

On top of Future claims he doesn’t know how much the home is worth, Eliza’s
attorney did some digging and says he found out that Future actually lives in a 5-
bedroom, 7 1⁄2 bathroom mansion sitting on 1.69 acres of property.