The entertainment fraternity has been shaken up since the immediate ban on the playing of music order cialis canada that promotes illegal activities.

Since the announcement, several entertainers have voiced their opinions on social media. Veteran artiste Tanya Stephens penned a letter to the editor, to express her concerns. “If Banning worked, why is there so much more music designated to be banned now?…” she said. How did we go from banning the almost pristine Admiral Bailey to the existence of this so called degenerate music right now?”

Romeich Major of Romeich Entertainment also gave his two cents, “Jamaica has one of the strictest regulations against music, OUR OWN DANCEHALL MUSIC and what is to be played…so not even edited music can’t be played? Are you going to ban Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and other platforms where the same people have the same access to prices levitra the same songs?

Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon shared his sentiments, “Are we Banning! Jus DANCEHALL? From being broadcast? Or just music that consist of these things ……. 90 % of songs played on the radio Is HIP HOP!…… So if we ago Ban Mek we ban Everyting!”

Yesterday (oct 11) The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica issued a directive requiring broadcasters to take immediate steps to prevent transmission of any recorded material that promotes or glorifies lottery scamming, the use of the illicit drug Molly, and illegal guns.