During parliament earlier this week, Prime Minister Andrew Holness once again lashed out at entertainers who he said glorify violent lifestyles in popular music, citing a negative impact on the minds of society’s children.

In his speech, Prime Minister Holness said that entertainers often glorify violence in their songs and seek to justify their approach by saying they are reflecting society’s realities. “In our music and our culture, in as much as you are free to reflect what is happening in the society, you also have a duty to place it in context,” Holness said.

Some Jamaicans, including a few entertainers and music industry practitioners, were upset at the Prime Minister’s statement.

Dancehall entertainer, Movado, in a lengthy post, took to social media to express his outrage. “We pointing right back at you…” He said. “That has nothing to do with entertainment no one voted for us to lead that’s your job!…what you need to do is clean up your corrupted Government…”.

Movado’s post started a discussion in the comment section. Dancehall artiste, Devin Di Dakata commented saying, “This Again?”. Social media personality Zandramah wrote, “dont slam them just ban them”. Dancer, theofficialrebel said, “slams entertainers when you took the same entertainers dubplates??”

Members of the public also made their voices heard, one person wrote, “ It is true!!! I absolutely agree with the PM”, another wrote, “Yessssss!! and a full time the artiste dem accept dat”, while another wrote, “Not 100% but it does along with other factors”.