Davido & Lila Iké team up for “Flex My Soul”


Exclusively for Billboard and Honda Stage, Afrobeats sensation Davido and soulful Roots crooner Lila Iké teamed up for an electrifying original track titled “Flex My Soul.”

Blending Davido’s style, Afrobeats’ infectious rhythms and Iké’s soul-stirring melodies, the song promises to move audiences with its magnetic energy and uplifting vibe.

In conversations on Honda Stage, Davido reflects on his past successes and the role of collaboration in his musical journey to stardom.

At the same time, both artists underscore the importance of fostering emerging talent.

According to Billboard, their partnership isn’t just about creating music—it’s about co-signing and uplifting emerging voices and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.