Dutty Whine creator Dyema Attitude says TikTok provides steady income for creatives


Dyema Attitude says despite creating trendy dance moves including Dutty Whine and Hot Wuk she has never been able to make a consistent living from dancing.

“Mi grateful for the fame and certain opportunities weh mi get because a dancing but mi haffi talk di truth. If a dancing mi did live offa, alone mi wouldn’t survive because a lot of times mi go to events and dance an mash up di place an nuh get nuh money. Mi haffi go home hungry cause mi caah buy a food. Dancing life nuh easy ask any dancer an dem wi tell yuh.”

She continued, “Tony Matterhorn come to an event in Mobay an si mi a do Dutty Whine an sing bout it. When him do di video him never even invite mi fi dance inna it; dat never nice. Matterhorn should have invited me to be in di video because a mi create Dutty Whine. All Dem things deh bruck yuh vibes from dancing more time but mi keep dancing because mi love it.”

The popular Mobay dancer said that she would not have been able to achieve financial stability without other sources of income especially her TikTok account, which currently has 142 thousand followers. She also has 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

“A lot of people have bad things to say about people on TikTok, but mi thank God for it. If a neva fi TikTok an mi likkle clothing business mi couldn’t achieve certain things outta life right now. Mi love TikTok cause mi can go live whole day an mek more money than what mi can mek outta dancing in a month. Mi love social media because a it mek a lot of creatives like me achieve great things,” she said.

The vivacious dancer who’s also known for her witty personality says although she has achieved more financial success via her TikTok account, than from dancing she’s not about to quit dancing anytime soon.