Wayne Wonder says dancehall music has potential to get bigger internationally


International recording artiste Wayne Wonder believes that dancehall music has the potential to grow in popularity overseas; despite certain negative trends that have evolved in the genre in recent times.

“Dancehall music has always been a hardcore genre of music, but it has become a bit too dark and excessively aggressive. Some of the current generation of dancehall artistes have the potential to take the genre to a higher level. However, they need to be mindful of the messages they’re sending out into the world with their music.”

The No Letting Go singer continued, “Dancehall music is loved and respected internationally. Anywhere you go around the world you will hear it but most of what is being played overseas is from the 90s and early 2000s because a lot of the songs that are coming out now don’t have that international appeal.”

He also added, “Another thing we have to address is the disunity and infighting in our music industry. At first, it used to be the males fighting against each other lyrically. Now the females are doing it too, and it has taken on a new twist with this social media thing. They need to stop it man, it nuh look good.”

The Billboard charting singer is gearing up to drop a new single titled Jah Lift Me Up, on the Sponge Music label.

The song which was produced by Charles Williston aka Sponge Jah Lift Me Up, is scheduled to be released on June 28.