Resident deejay and top producer at the Zee 103, Zj Chrome, is giving us sophisticated with ‘Bad Gyal’ recording artiste, Cecile.

The two teamed up to give us an 8 track EP titled ‘Sophisticated‘, which dropped last Friday.

Zj Chrome made the surprise announcement last week on Instagram saying “I promised new music and it starts here! I teamed up with super talented Cecile with this and the end result is absolutely amazing ..!!! 8 tracks of perfect music, lyrics & melodies stamped with CR203’s approval! … I can’t wait for you to hear how “badddd” Cecile really is & how my production skills have Great supplement and I love the packaging! Order cialis canada we would strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a medication. improved. This is legit one of my best works yet!”

Chrome also highlighted inside Zipcode that this eight-track EP will form part of his ‘Zj Chrome Presents‘ series.

This is not their first rodeo, the two previously worked on the songs When You’re Gone (Cardiac Bass riddim), Cheaters’ Revenge ( Cardiac Strings rhythm), and Break Up (featured on the Behind the Lines project).

Of course, Cecile has been promising us new music so this was rather refreshing for the fans. “What better time to give us some new music,” the entertainer said.

The self-styled “bad gyal” shared with the Zee viagra women her experience working with ZJ Chrome.

‘Sophisticated’ is the follow up to Ce’Cile’s 2019 effort, ‘Music + Magic.’