The rapper has settled a two-year, $30 million legal battle with her former manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael.
The case was dismissed, with prejudice, on Christmas Eve after both parties reached an agreement, according to legal documents obtained By AllHipHop. Shaft, who runs World Star Marketing Group, filed a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit against Cardi in 2018, alleging that the “WAP” hitmaker disregarded their agreement to sign with Quality Control Management, and that her husband Offset threatened him in the process.
In his original lawsuit, Shaft claimed he gave Cardi her big break by landing her a
spot on “Love & Hip Hop,” and connecting her with the publishers and producers
behind her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow.”
Cardi filed a $30 million counterclaim, alleging Shaft breached their original
agreement by failing to provide an accurate accounting of her earnings and illegally taking a bigger cut of her earnings. Cardi also says she signed the deal without a lawyer.
The lawsuit reportedly had held up millions in royalties from her label Atlantic
Records for over two years. “It just can’t be touched till we solve the dispute,” Cardi told a fan in July. “But when that fat check hit my account all at once it’s gonna be lit.” The settlement should pave the way for a new album from Cardi, who also plans to submit her earnings to Forbes in the future.
I’m going to start submitting my $ on Forbes,” she tweeted. “I had to be low key
due to my litigation. I don’t wanna brag but imma have to brag.”