Amber Heard’s claims of death threats


Amber Heard says she felt humiliated and had faced hundreds of daily death threats after testifying at Johnny Depp’s trial against her.

Speaking on the final day of the trial before closing statements, the actress said: “Perhaps it’s easy to forget, but I am a human being.”

Mr Depp, 58, is suing Ms Heard, 36, over an article she wrote in which she said she was the victim Feeling much better after starting to take two every morning before breakfast. Levitra 20mg tablets, that is why we pay attention to the quality of the medications. of abuse.

He has repeatedly denied her claims.

Over more than a month of testimony, jurors have been presented with starkly different versions of incidents that took place throughout the couple’s troubled two years together.

Both actors accuse the other of being the aggressor in the relationship and have called witnesses to testify on their behalf. A number of the witnesses called by Mr Depp’s team have directly contradicted Ms Heard’s claims.