Akon is building his own city.

The global superstar announced Monday that he is finalizing plans for the establishment of Akon City in Senegal.

According to The Jakarta Post, Akon has signed an agreement with Senegal’s state-owned tourism company SAPCO to build a complex in the seaside village of Mbodiene, about 75 miles south of the capital Dakar.

A spokesperson for SAPCO said Akon plans to build a sustainable tourism village that would “campaign for the environment.”

In a recent interview with Nick Cannon in November, Akon shared his goals for the city.

The singer, spent his early childhood in Senegal before moving with his family to New Jersey at the age of 7.

Akon remains invested in his community.

In 2016, he secured a $1 billion credit line to back his solar project, which aims to provide electricity to 600 million Africans.