Respect due from one deejay to buy levitra in india the next!

Agent Sasco, expressed his gratitude, love and respect to fellow artiste Spragga Benz over the weekend.

Sasco posted a picture of himself and Spragga with a lengthy caption

I tell him and remind him from time to time and no, it’s not his birthday or anything. I just want to say love and respect to Carlton ‘Spragga Benz’ Grant”.

Sasco went on to express how Benz changed his life and how he inspired him to be a mentor to young adults. Meeting Spragga at 16 significantly changed my life and frankly, cheap cialis without prescription a lot of the work I try to do in mentorship is inspired by that. A lot of our young people are written off, especially our young men…”.

He ended by saying, “please consider that there is great potential in our young people which will often go unrealized without guidance or support or just a chance. Carlos yuh done know! #Bigup #GiveThanks”.

Spragga responded to the post with the following comment

Yu dun know … nuh ssay 40”