Rapper A$AP Rocky remains behind bars after Sweden’s Supreme Court yesterday (Mon)
rejected an appeal by the rapper over his alleged involvement in a Stockholm street brawl.

According to the Daily Mail, a Swedish district court decided that Rocky should be kept in custody while prosecutors investigate the June 30 incident.

Rocky’s lawyer, immediately challenged the decision but it was rejected by the court of appeals.

The district court agreed with prosecutors that Rocky was a flight risk and should be kept in custody during the investigation. His lawyer filed an appeal in the Supreme Court, who decided that there was “no reason” to review the case.

Rocky can be held in custody for two weeks while the case is investigated. After that, another hearing would be required to extend his detention.

The 30-year-old MC was arrested last week following a brawl, which was partly captured on camera, where he and his crew were seen fighting and punching a man in the streets.

A$AP later shared his own video that showed the alleged victim harassing him and hitting his bodyguard with headphones. Rocky tried to play peacemaker and diffuse the situation, telling the men to leave them alone.