TROPICAL STORM WARNING remains in effect for Jamaica


A TROPICAL STORM WARNING is being kept in force for Jamaica as Tropical Storm Grace produces widespread rainfall and flash flooding across the island. This means that conditions associated with a tropical storm will continue across Jamaica today.

An initial analysis indicates that Tropical Storm Grace made landfall at approximately 10:00 a.m, about 300 meters southeast of Robins Bay, St. Mary.

Weather conditions over Jamaica, especially over eastern and central parishes, continue to be impacted by the heavy showers and thunderstorms associated with Tropical Storm Grace.

Rainfall will continue to spread across the island this morning while the tropical storm moves across northern parishes. Flash flooding will occur in low-lying and flood prone areas today with 100-150 millimetres (4-6 inches) of rainfall in the forecast. Strong gusty winds will continue during the next 6-12 hours.

The Meteorological Service continues to monitor the progress of this system and all interests must pay special attention to further Releases.