Spice Condemns JDF Soldiers Beating Pregnant Woman In Viral Video


Spice joins a multitude of Jamaicans in condemning a JDF soldier caught in a video striking a pregnant woman with his weapon  during a stand-off in Kingston, Jamaica on Wednesday .

Spice called out the military when reposting a video, emphasizing that she was careful not to share information that painted her island home in a negative light.

Many of Spice’s fans quickly disagreed with her, pointing out that there was a longer video that presented more evidence that the woman was to blame.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Defence Forces (JDF) announced in a statement that an investigation into the incident in Denham Town, Kingston, has been initiated. According to the JDF, the clash took place on Wednesday at a checkpoint in the Special Operations Zone of Denham Town.

In the footage, the woman confronts a soldier while diverting their attention away from the men in the jeep.  The men in the jeep then join the confrontation as things get out of control.

Spice has since deleted the clip from her Instagram.