Samsung has unveiled a tennis ball-like robot called Ballie that beeps and rolls around, generic cialis india following its owner.

The South Korean tech giant told an audience at the CES tech show in Las Vegas, that the device has a built-in camera so that it can capture and store “special moments”.

One analyst said the bot was a fun idea – though it might struggle with stairs.

As well as shadowing its owner, Ballie acts as a fitness assistant and can also help with household chores. For example, it can activate smart home devices such as robotic vacuums, when it determines that cleaning is required.

On social media, the device has already been compared to robot companions from several movies – including BB-8 from the latest Star Wars trilogy films.

Samsung said that levitra shop buy Ballie would adhere to privacy and data protection standards.

The firm has not yet revealed when the device will be available to buy, or what it will cost.