The Police High Command has warned that persons participating in a march on Gordon House now underway in Kingston, organised by the United Independent Congress UIC, will be prosecuted for cialis online usa breaching the laws of the land.

This as the police say no permit has been sought or granted, for the UIC to stage a march and as such, the event is illegal.

In a statement, the High Command said while the constitution allows for peaceful gathering, a march of that nature would not be authorized at this time, as it would be in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act, which stipulates that no more than ten persons must be gathered in any public place.

The police pointed out that it is an offence for anyone to participate in a march that is buy levitra on line canada prohibited, or not permitted and also that its an offence for a person to organise and incite others, to take part in an illegal public march.

Members of the public are also being reminded that Gordon House is a schedule premises and as such, all gatherings should be at least two hundred yards away.

The High Command said officers will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that the provision of the laws are fully enforced and where to buy cialis canada take the appropriate action where necessary.