The Ministry of Local Government is expected to meet with the management of Westmoreland based establishment Rick’s Cafe by the end of the week.

The meeting with the Ministry, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management ODPEM and Rick’s Cafe, was slated for yesterday (Mon), after the establishment was ordered closed for seven days, following the hosting of a party that breached the orders under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

However the Ministry accepted a request from Rick’s Cafe, to postpone the meeting, so that it can adequately prepare.

Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie says the outcome of the meeting will determine the next steps, including when and under what conditions Rick’s Cafe will be allowed to reopen.

Meanwhile, the Ministry says the police and ODPEM, will ensure that the closure order is enforced.

The Tourism Product Development Company TPDCO, is investigating the incident and has withdrawn Rick’s Cafe’s Covid-19 compliant certification, with immediate effect.

The Local Government Ministry says the police are dealing with this incident which was captured on video.