There are reports in the media that a man said to be the brother of dancehall entertainer Jashii was shot and killed by gunmen in Grants Pen, St Andrew this morining.

Reports are that the man was at his home when men entered a premises and shot the man dead.  Multiple sources from the community claim the man is the brother of the entertainer.

In July of this year, Six members of the entertainer’s entourage, were shot and injured after a motor vehicle in which dancehall artiste Jahshii was traveling was attacked by armed men.

The entertainer escaping injury.

Jahshii has been in the news since his name was linked to the murder investigation in the death of 45-year-old businessman Omar ‘Romie’ Wright on June 7.

Jahshii had surrendered himself to the police in the company of his attorneys and was questioned and released.