Drift in Fortnite


Dancehall star Teejay and gamers are excited, as the Uptop Boss’s hit single “Drift,” with his viral dance trend, is now being featured as an action emote in the video game Fortnite.

Teejay shared a video to his Instagram this morning (May 9) of “Drift” being played while the Avatar does the routine.

Teejay captioned the post “Fortnite,” with dancer Gabbidon’s music producer, “Panda,” being tagged.

The “Drift” dance was originally choreographed by Gabbidon, while the song was co-produced by Panda and DJ Mac.

The reel seems to be a repost of an Instagram story where the original poster shares his amusement at the Avatar, stating that Teejay is the first Jamaican to make it Fortnite, and the “Uptop Boss” has made “history.”.

Drift has over 25 million views on YouTube and still continues to make waves in mainstream music.

Congratulations Teejay!